Hello please unban me i was unfairly banned

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    Steam ID banned: STEAM_0:1:31711283

    Steam name: ThE*3luE*R@!n

    Banned by: NAS | hoax

    Reason: idiot (Again called me this word after banning me)

    Invoked on: 02 Jan 2022 – 11:48:26

    Expires on: never expire

    Hello admins, Okay so let me get this straight, I was playing nicely, most of players know me, I am friendly with players I know, Woman power, Nas Worrier, Strom trooper, Trap house, and many more, I was playing on that day I Got banned everything was fine, I was chatting with house trap laughing in the game about funny stuff until this guy (Nas hoax) stuck his nose in our funny conversation and called me a moron, I promise I didn’t tell him anything until I heard this hatful word coming out from him talking to house trap that I am a moron I promise for no reason (I don’t know why he discriminates against me), I didn’t say anything in the beginning until he got on my nerve and told him that he is the moron, He was mad because I knifed him multiple times, for what reason does he have to call me a moron is it because he is the admin and he can control our freedom in speech during the game, I swear I didn’t talk to him first, he mentioned me with a bad words after that and out of no reason, No hacking, No cheating, No spamming or any aimbotting I get permanently banned (Most of cheaters get like an 8 day ban but I get a permanent ban for just defending myself), I ask you guys if you do a favor and unban me and I will promise to no talk to anyone in the game ever in my life Try my for the last time, I love the server and that’s why I Love playing in it I Really enjoy while I am off work, I am not trying and will not try to interact with any of the players badly , I will appreciate any consideration you guys may do to me, Thank you again!


    Hi. Both admins hoax and womanofpower corroborated their story. You were warned about harassing womanofpower and were gagged when you didn’t comply. The ban that hoax applied was for only 1 minute after you started getting rude.

    The ban wasn’t permanent but be advised that any future harrassment will not be tolerated for any reason.


    Hello klubbhead, Thank you for your response, Can you believe when I was banned it showed permanent ban for some reason?, that’s why I was afraid that I am not going to be able get back to the server anymore, By the way woman of power is a nice person, Sometimes we talk a little bit when something funny happens in the server, I promise that she is nice I don’t have any problem with her at all, Anyways thank you for letting me know that the ban was not permanent because since I was banned I didn’t try to join the server after, LOL, Thanks anyway!


    I’m adding my two cents here as the Forum Moderator (doing my job). To answer this more succinctly, please don’t disrespect NAS admins and don’t harass other players. Also, while some playful banter is fine on the server, when it becomes disruptive or disrespectful AND excessive to other players, you can get banned permanently. In short, don’t be an ass.

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