Daemon was caught cheating in deathmatch + DEMO

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    Hello admins, I just didn’t know if this is the right place to report a cheater in deathmatch server, just an hour ago I was playing in Deathmatch server and saw a wallhacker, He would shoot through the walls killing players, shooting straight to the head, I also have provided you guys with a demo to show that he was actually cheating during the game But i don’t know where to submit it since there’s not a button to upload (please guide me thought upload procedure), he also had a score of 500 which is even impossible for a pro player to have such a score among other players, please review demo and hopefully we get rid of his annoying existence, Thanks in advance.

    His Steam ID: # 7 “Daemon” 2358 STEAM_0:0:57572651 500 16:30 137 0

    I will upload demo once you guys tell me where to upload it.



    Join our Discord channel #ban-dispute. You can post your link to the demo there. The ban panel will review it and make a call.

    Thanks for the post.

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