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Meteor Online, The Ultimate PvP Experience

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Meteor is a PvP indie game using RPG and Shooter mechanics in a MOBA style genre. Take on the challenge to master your favorite Warlord or Guardian weapon to defeat your enemies either alone, with a team or free-for-all-across our multiple available game modes and maps.

The possibilities are endless in Meteor. With two combat mechanics combined, you can change your play style and access new capacities just by pressing one key in game.

The game is divided into two parts: 

• Warlords
• Guardians

Each part will have its own combat mechanics, game modes and maps.

List of what is implemented in game:

• 15 Warlords
• 160+ Warlords Abilities
• 25 Guardian Weapons
• 7 Warlord Game Modes
• 5 Guardian Game Modes
• 10 Maps
• 12 Versus Modes
• Random Matchmaking & Private rooms