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    Hello Gents,

    I am hoping to get a list of admins you guys have for your cs 1.6 server. I am installing discord right now as we have an issue with a hacker in the server. I have recorded their Steam ID (244116556) so you can add it to the config file. Please hit me up if you need additional admins. I just started gaming again and your server is where I spend most of time. Please let me know if you’d like some assistance from me. Ran plenty of our own servers back in the day and we had some of the best multimod servers around. 😉


    Hello, this is SmxyDJ_-

    Please unban. I feel i was banned unjustly from the deathmatch server. NAS Warrior was the admin who banned for aimbot.

    Steam 0:1:10749445

    Thank you,



    I believe you have been removed SmxyDJ. If you can’t join please send me a private message on this website.


    Hello PrivatePoohBear,

    It appears that particular player has been steam banned. Below is a link of the player profile in our stats system.

    Reported Player

    Thank you for reporting it to us. Also we have a handful of admins. Send me a private message we can speak more details.

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    Hi guys, I believe I was just kicked/banned with no explanation. I’ve played CS a long time and would like to talk to who did it, my steamid is 0:0:2151. I’ve got a buddy who gave me this server info who can vouch for me if needed.


    c9pure, Michael K

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    I try connecting to the server but it keeps kicking me out and says check console: missing riff/wave chunks. Please help?
    steam id: STEAM_0:1:114897291


    Do you have a screenshot?

    The issue sounds like your missing a audio file. Try reinstalling the game or deleting your \Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\cstrike_downloads folder then try reconnecting.



    I believe I was likely banned, everytime I try to get on your server I get kicked. Has been months since I have been on your server. Have no idea why I was banned, maybe thought I was hacking? Never have and never will. Would love to get back in your server. The server I was in was, my steam ID is 76561198014165099.

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